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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it true that ACE charges absolutely NOTHING to install and maintain the most modern equipment available?

YES!  ACE will purchase, deliver, and install all equipment needed to entice maximum customer spending, satisfaction, and enjoyment, and offer a generous revenue share arrangement.

How is ACE able to do this at no upfront cost?

ACE specializes in coin operated entertainment and has the strength to buy the most modern, highest earning equipment at the right price so we can maximize profits by purchasing higher priced, cutting edge equipment that gives the best entertainment value to your customers. This strategy gives your establishment top notch equipment and has proven to maximize customer play and produce the highest profits.

How much does it cost to have the equipment repaired?

ACE pays for parts and labor and even does house calls from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm, 7 days a week. When our equipment is not operating it costs us money and blemishes our reputation of having the best service in the industry. JC’s father said it best about 50 years ago, “Anybody can buy the equipment, but can they give the service?”


What kind of equipment do you supply?

ACE offers over 1,000 choices but most fall into one of the following categories: TouchTunes jukeboxes, Video simulators including Golden Tee Live, Silver Strike Bowling, Lazer Maze, Typhoon, various titles of shooting and driving games, Valley/Dynamo pool tables, Redemption games including Skeeball, Big Bass Wheel, Ducky Splash, Monster Drop, Grand Piano Keys, Action games including basketball, air hockey, foosball, darts. Photo Booths, Embed card systems, Pinball, ATM’s. We have the ability to get the equipment you need.

I've found that other companies will supply the jukebox but won't supply the speakers, wiring, background music etc, does ACE do the whole job from start to finish and how much do you charge?

Good question and we’ve heard the same thing.  ACE sends a sound technician to you to design a sound system tailor made to your specific needs, whether it’s an additional amplifier, different zones for speakers so volume can be controlled at different levels for each zone, outside speakers, background music that automatically shuts down when the jukebox is played and returns when the jukebox is idle, this service comes with every jukebox and best of all at no cost to you.

Revenue Sharing

We're planning to open a Family Entertainment Center (FEC), does ACE have a revenue share agreement for this type of equipment, if so please explain how it works?

Yes and the revenue share works the same whether we have one piece of equipment in your establishment or one hundred, the main difference with an FEC is that the games don’t accept cash, so ACE will install a token changer or an Embed debit card system and all cash will be held in one place and games will be activated with a token or a swipe of a card.  The establishment maintains the redemption counter and the prizes and ACE does the rest. Please call for more details.


I'd like to rent some equipment for a birthday party at my house, do you do this?

Absolutely, we have a designated space in our warehouse dedicated to party rental equipment, everything is set to free play and is available for immediate delivery to your home or corporate function.  Over the past 24 years we’ve developed a list of the most popular party equipment but unlike other rental companies we have access to over 1,000 pieces for that unique customer.  The equipment will be delivered on time by professionals, set up and tested, and picked up on time.